Frequently Asked Questions

What Classes should I Take?

First, we recommend that you choose a program that you are interested in completing. Students typically take the courses listed in order--the lower numbered ones first--and then proceed through the required list of courses. We recommend that you contact a faculty member to set up an educational plan that will help facilitate completing the program in a timely manner.

I am working full time, how long will it take to complete a program?

Many of our students work full time and take DM classes on a part time basis. Taking one or two classes a semester students can easily complete a certificate in two to three semesters.

I am interested in transitioning to a new career. Will completing a DM certificate help me reposition myself professionally?

Yes, our certificates provide professional development in web and app design, graphic design, and digital marketing and communications. For students who complete a program and have a portfolio, entry level opportunities in the form of freelance gigs, contracts or internships are typical. Small business are known to hire graduates on a part time basis to update websites or create collateral for business purposes. Such opportunities help graduates build a professional portfolio which is key to advancing oneself in their chosen career.

I am a high school student. Can I enroll in DM classses?

Yes high school students are welcome to take DM classes! Please see our schedule of classes and let us know if you have any questions.

Are DM classes transferable?

Yes, DM classes transfer as lower division units to many four-year programs in multi media, graphic design, and communication arts. Some courses are articulated with four-year universities in California. We recommend that you meet with DM faculty to discuss transfer options to four-year university programs.

Can you tell me a little about each program?

The Web and App design program focuses on designing interfaces that will effortlessly adjust to different browsers, different screens and different operating systems. You will learn foundation skills in user interface design, visual communication, and basic coding. You will also be encouraged to move from working on homework assignments to working on client based projects as it is very important to be able to design for an audience and a specific purpose.

The graphic design program focuses on designing for print and is applicable to web design too. Because design in general is about communicating messages to specific and/or mass audiences students will learn to conceptualize and design messages that connect and register with whom their intended audience is. While many people may think graphic design is about how something looks, we know, and you will learn too, that design is mostly about how something can be effectively and convincingly communicated.

The marketing and digital communications certificate provides interdisciplinary training in business and digital media. Classes that make up the certificate include business marketing and digital media production and design. You will learn how to design marketing strategies for social media campaigns, mobile advertising and blogs.

Can I take classes as Pass/No Pass (P/NP)?

Almost all DM classes can be taken either for a P/NP or letter grade.
The exceptions are those classes that are transferable to four year programs: DIGM 002, DIGM 003, DIGM 004, and DIGM 099. For further information please consult the West Valley Catalog.

Can I use an older version of Adobe Software?

Most course work can be completed with an older version of the software. However, it is best to check with faculty about this when you register for a class.