Trends in Digital Media

We see two trends in our student body. These include professionals transitioning to new careers, and students beginning their higher education training. We discuss the two trends in the following:

Students Beginning Academic Training

For those students just beginning their academic training we find that the AA degree or a certificate works very well with regard to satisfying lower division units, and preparing students to work part time in the field. Often students complete their Bachelors degree and then think about looking for a job. While this may work for some we believe that a student focused on applying their design skills in small, but measurable ways during their studies will have more success once they graduate. Digital Media students transfer to Bay Area CSU and UC programs in areas including but not limited to graphic and web design, broadcast and communication arts, film studies, and marketing. We also assist students in developing portfolios for admission in to bachelor and graduate programs. Please contact a faculty member to discuss your educational goals.

Adults Transitioning To New Careers

Some of our students are repositioning themselves professionally. This group of students may have already completed a Bachelors degree. Our certificates provide professional development, and typically attract students from diverse professional backgrounds. We also see some of these graduates transition from freelancing to establishing their own web design or web solutions business. To get an idea of who comprises our student body check out the portfolio section and the testimonials of our graduates. Please connect with a faculty member so we can learn about your career aspirations and discuss Digital Media classes and programs.

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