Welcome to the Department of Digital Media at West Valley College in the Cilker School of Art & Design.


Classes back in the Digital Media classroom. We have remodeled the classroom 122 in the Cilker Building. Please stop by and see the new room.

Housed in West Valley College's Department of Design, Digital Media programs offer a comprehensive approach to media creation that fosters individual exploration and creative problem solving.

The Web and App Design Degree and Certificate will now be called UX and App Design. We will be teaching UX design skill in many of the classes.

Reading - Difference between Graphic Design and UX Design - https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/ux-design

Within the context of the department, design is a process and way of thinking. Some of the work produced by students includes artist books, short films, graphic design, websites, app design, digital illustration, and marketing campaigns. Some of our students are destined to transfer to four year programs, some are retooling professional skills, and some life-long learners arrive eager to foster their design and creative skills. We welcome all and believe that the diversity amongst our student body plays an important part in what makes a digital media class both interesting and relevant.

Due to COVID-19 we are offering online classes in the Fall 2021semester. We are firmly committed to utilizing video tutorials to teach the various tools and techniques rooted in design concepts and production workflow. Weekly zoom meetings for lab support and design critiques have proven to be immensely effective, and dare we say-fun! And so until we can safely resume in person classes, online teaching will be embraced.

We hope that in the Fall 2021semester digital media faculty will have the opportunity to conduct lab and office hours in the Cilker School of Art & Design mac lab. In our lab space, students proof and print projects, test and publish websites, and have a chance to work in an open and collaborative environment.

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Digital Media Classes

Welcome to the Digital Media Program at West Valley College. For a schedule of classes please follow this link.
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Degrees & Certificates

Digital Media programs develop skills for entry level positions in digital content production, user experience (UX) design, graphic design, and app design. For information about Digital Media programs follow this link.
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Digital Media Careers

Digital Media graduates find work in various fields and kinds of organizations. Key to successful career advancement is being comfortable with problem solving, developing excellent communication skills, having a keen eye for detail, and being able to learn in a fast changing environment.
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Student Work in Digital Illustration, Graphic and Web Design

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