Degrees and Certificates

Degrees and Certificates in Digital Media

Current Programs
Please contact either one of Co-Dept. Chairs if you would like to find out more information about getting started with a program:
Jean McIntosh (408) 741-2435 or email:
Jeff Rascov (408) 741-2432 or email:

The Digital Media Department provides professional development for aspiring web professionals. Our courses also transfer for those students wishing to pursue their Bachelor's degree. Many of our courses transfer to the CSU system and other institutions including the Art Institute of California. ( Digital Media faculty are well versed in the degree programs offered in the Bay Area and across the state - so let us know what your educational aspirations are so we can help you achieve them!

Program Information for New Students:
The Digital Media Handbook highlights new Digital Media programs in web and mobile design, graphic design, and marketing and digital communications. There is also information about scheduling of classes, jobs, faqs, and the department orientation held prior to the beginning of each semester. The next orientation will be held on Wed. January 27 @ 6 pm in the Campus Center. If you are interested in pursuing a certificate or have any questions about transferring to a four year program, please contact a Digital Media faculty. We will help you get started on the right path!

Here is the cost estimate for completing a program in Digital Media

Adobe Software & Web Languages:
We teach classes that utilize the latest Adobe CC suite and HTML5/CSS3. The student price for the Adobe CC suite is $20 month. You will be able to complete all of your course work with the Adobe CC Suite.

Digital Media Faculty: